Relax, you're in good hands...

Traveling in India is what sparked our love for massage back in 2007, and since then we have both trained in India and the UK, giving us both unique styles developed over the years. Peter also has an ITEC qualification in holistic massage from Brighton & Bath School of Massage. We also now also working with Krisztian & Zsanett who have joined our team from Hungary. They are also providing massage and sound therapy so we have both male and female therapists available.

Our treatment room is off the Lewes Road in Brighton with free on street parking. We are a 20 minute walk from Brighton station and 10 a minute walk from Moulscoombe station. We are on the 25 & 49 bus route. 

We use a cushioned massage table covered with plenty of fresh towels (yoga mat for the Ayurveda yoga massage). We use a grape seed oil enhanced with essential oils along with candles, incense and music to enhance the experience. 

We offer a holistic combination of firm pressure and lighter more relaxing techniques. If you have a particular problem that needs some deeper tissue work, please tell us at the start of your treatment so we can work this into your massage. We ask how you like your massage before we begin so we can concentrate or avoid certain areas at your request. Styles do vary depending on your choice of massage although we ensure once the massage has begun we maintain constant flow and attention to you throughout. 




60 mins - £50
90 mins - £70

Re balancing

60 mins - £50
90 mins - £70


60 mins - £50

Sound Therapy

60 mins - £40

Holistic Massage

Working the whole body using a combination of firm pressure working deep into the muscles and some lighter more relaxing touch. It's a great way of relieving stress and tension that builds up through work, stress and exercise. It also helps with the blood circulation and ridding the body of toxins that build up over time. The massage will leave you feeling very peaceful and relaxed ensuring any stiffness and aches have been relieved so you feel free from tension. 

Ayurveda Yoga Massage

Yoga massage is carried out with the recipient laying on a yoga mat with towels. The body is guided into familiar yoga stretches whilst being massaged. This is a strong and deeply relaxing combination, that increases the body's vital energy flow from feet to head. This massage can bring relief to pain build up and really works all the muscles of the body whilst you drift off to relaxation as if you were on a Goan beach!


Rebalancing Massage

A massage working deep into your muscles and focusing on connecting the bodies energies that may have become unbalanced. This is a full body massage carried out on a cushioned massage table using a blended massage oil. It's deeply relaxing and also good to release the build up of stress and tensions.

*You should avoid having massage if you are unwell or have any skins or serious health problems. Please inform us when booking if you are unsure if you should have a massage. Massage is also best if you’ve showered just before.

  • If you have a massage request which is not listed please contact us with your enquiries.
  • Out calls are sometimes available but maybe subject to an additional charge depending on the area. We offer massage from 9am to 10pm 7 days a week.
  • We do our best to meet last minute requests and advance booking is also welcome. Discount for block bookings.