Houses and Apartment

We have houses and apartments across Brighton, each furnished with unique character and style. Take a look at our lovely homes below. Click on an image to get a closer look...


Booking Requirements

  • We aspire to provide all guests with a restful & peaceful stay. We respect the communities our properties are situated in, and ask all guests to;

  • Please be considerate of excessive noise, particularly after 10pm and when outside of your accommodation. The gardens of Number34 & Hanover House are closed from 11pm as the nieghbours and other guests sleep may be disturbed after this time.

  • We also ask guests to remove their shoes inside the properties to keep the house clean and reduce noise disturbance.

  • Prompt check out! Please make sure you know what time you need to leave as we have tight turn-around times. This is usually 11am. Midday for the Loft room @Number34.

  • We strictly do not allow any other guests to enter any of our accommodation without prior arrangement and parties would result in immediate cancelling of the booking.

  • Please when using self catering facilities return all items clean and dry for the next guests and leave them as you would like to find them. We don't have time between guests to check all items and re wash these. Thank you in advance.

  • Please respect and look after our home and let us know if anything, no matter how small is broken so we can replace and repair for the next guests.

  • Sorry all our properties are not suitable for pets and we cannot amend this.

  • For the whole house & apartment bookings we hold a security deposit and ask guests to follow the above requirements to avoid a claim on the deposit.

  • Left items returns service is £20 minimum so please ensure you've not left anything behind!

  • Lost keys are charged at £50, Please keep them safe!

We take nieghbour complaints very seriously and have installed video cameras for security. A complaint could result in your booking being cancelled immediately or a claim on your security deposit.